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Where We Are All Remembered  

Where We Are All Remembered


We are remembered through the lives of those to whom we have loved and those who have loved us. It is an internal connection because of love and care shared, and when surfaced from the depths within, it is a connection realized in the present. This is true during the time in which we are alive and they are alive, and also during the time in which either they or us have passed away unto the beyond, a connection living on in the other.


When both those who have loved one another have passed, when our time is long past and those to whom we knew and of whom we were known are gone from the world, it is a wonder to think about, then, if our memory is then gone from Earth too, forever.


If our memory on Earth is gone from Earth from the consciousness of anyone yet alive on Earth, is then too our purpose for having lived gone as well? Not the latter, certainly, because all that we lived for has cause and effect upon life after us, and we have set causes in-motion that live on after us, then reverberate through time, onward. Hopefully, these reverberations of our existence are streams of love, kindness, and goodness, and/or good works that have aided others or humanity in some capacity. But what of the memory of us, we, as individuals with individual identity; how are we remembered, if at all, through time?


This question is taken-up in the next section of this menu list’s theme, in the link: The Memory of God.


This Web Site aims to meet this perplexing issue of our existence, in some measure, both as a beginning with that aim in view, and as an ongoing endeavor, or as one source of the endeavor of reaching understanding concerning our existence for all connected herein.