Stathis Family History
The Hoped-for Future  

The Hoped-for Future


In the Elderly, or those emerging into what they know are their Elder years, their hoped-for future exists in the young they see around them, the young they might yet impact somehow through some means, a sense that as they proceed onward and retire to the well-deserved rest, the young are taken care of.


We exist in part in hope we have lived a life worthy in God’s sight in our service to all life, and that by this we shall be known of Him and know Him upon our exit from this world. Likewise, we live in part in hope that we have lived a life worthy to be known and valued by others, that something of ourselves is connected to something greater than ourselves and that our lives are seen and known and somehow connected to the lives of those who have been impacted by us.


That all that we have been, in life on Earth, might dissipate with that of our physical presence, would be of the most distressing of sense of purpose and meaning to our existence. And so, as we look at the Parallax conveyed in story in this Web Site of those who have gone before us, as far as is known, we see and come to understand and feel meaning to their lives, and that meaning to our lives has continued on as a stream of identity from them.


So, likewise, shall be our stories of our own lives, unto those who come unto these stories in the future. This Web Site, and its continuance as long as the Web as we know it exists, or then in archive always somewhere somehow available far into the future, so gives unto the future, something of the truths of being we have come to know in the lives we are leading.


If conveying such about ourselves is not something to which one feels individually comfortable in doing, there is no doubt that there shall be one of our off-spring or someone connected to this family to whom such is a capability enthusiastically pursued, and therefore, by one’s own efforts or the efforts of others, all shall be included and be part of this hoped-for future for this family’s sense of being as a continuum of identity.