Stathis Family History
Special Early Photos


Stathis Family History  


Above: "Big Pa Pou" Charles (Kostaki) Stathis (Stathoyianopolis) Father of Demothenes C. Stathis



Above: Demothenes C. Stathis with His Mother and Father



Above: Demothenes C. Stathis and Brother Pete Stathis


Above: Pete Delaporta 1921 Syracuse, WWI Veteran, Future Patriarch...not yet a Father of the 4 Girls


He was always trying various occupations. See Thea Eleni's Memoriers
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    Above: Delaporta Family: Matriarch Theodora (Center), Pete (little Pa Pou), Paraskevi (Nouna), 4 Girls: Eleni, Barbara, Maria, Corina



    Above: 4 Delaporta Sisters



    Above: Maria Delaporta (Stathis), HS Graduation, Central High, Syracuse 1943. Maria was an Honor Student and was also awarded at Graduation the Virgil Medal for Latin. Maria was Salutatorian from Roosevelt Jr. High School 4 years earlier.



    Above: Demo C. Stathis, believed to be his High School Senior Photo



    Above: Greek School 1935, Maria age 9 in front Row. Includes her sister, Barbara, and other lifelong Greek friends. Such a cast of characters, all the first generation children of turn-of-the-centery Greek Immigrants coalesced in Syracuse, N.Y. One can understand the bond that they all felt and shared in Syracuse, and for many, shared for their whole lives.


    Above: Maria by Classic Car, Downtown Syracuse


    Above: Young Maria, maybe still Delaporta, Maybe Newlywed Mrs. D.C. Stathis