Stathis Family History
Photos of the Ten in Their Youth, Set 1


Stathis Family History  
Above: Thea Eleni with son -Vageli, Lucia, Vivian, Kostaki, and others.


Above: Kostaki with Vageli in front of Hancock Dr. ...Note that this was when 132 hancock Dr. was first built, and no one had yet built across the street! Compare with following photo...


Above: Billy and Robby. Got to love those bent-up metal trash cans!


Above: Robby, Tim, and neighbor - Phillip Corcoran


Above: Rob and Tim on Swing over "The Bank" ...backyard of Hancock Dr.


Above: We could make our own fun out of anything! ...backyard of Hancock Dr.


Above: Robby or Timothy enjoying a Syracuse Winter. There's something to be said for growing-up in a season of Snow.


Above: Girls sunning at Otisco Lake. Likely from front: Hari, Lisa (or Teddy), Tony


Above: Billy, Tim, and Robby in "T.V. Room"


Above: Trying Teddy's Tandem Bike, David, Tim, and Rob


Above: Trying Teddy's Tandem Bike2


Above: Demo's 'Famous' Tunnel Picture, Woods/Stream near Otisco Lake Camp.


Above: Demo's 'Famous' Tunnel Picture2


Above: Robby (and likely Tim) near Kitchen at Hancock Dr.


Above: The brothers (and their friends) could make good fun out of anything! Vollyeyball over the rusted-out swingset. That rusted contraption was kept for years and years for the sake of volleyball (and chin-ups!) (This appears to be friends of Tim around 7th Grade: John Anderson, and Ed Slater under the set...can't tell who's serving.


Annual Thanksgiving Football Game! ...Good 'ol Uncle George!


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