Stathis Family History
Photos of Timothy in Youth


Stathis Family History



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Above: Timothy, The 9th Child


Above: How we loved our bicycles!


Above: That Piano was there our whole lives and remained so until the house was sold. Note the following with Timothy's son, Ahimsa with his Yia Yia.


Above: Timothy's youngest, Ahimsa. Yia Yia loved him greatly. Later she would teach him her favorite Greek tune on the Piano.



Above: Demo always liked to capture photos of us in all moods.



Above: Doing Origami with Petro. Petro inspired this in us one year by introducing us to the book, "Creative Origami" by Kunihiko Kasahara. A comprehensive approach with 100 figures to make, progressively increasing in difficulty. Petro sat with us and guided us at the beginning; then left it with us and a couple of us proceeded to reach the final goal of all 100 pieces.


Above: X


Above: Doing the 100 Yard Dash! Demo was devoted to organizing his 4 younger brothers into P.E. activities.



Above: "The Bank" Tree Swing!


Such a happy child!