Stathis Family History
The Intended Audience  

The Intended Audience

Anyone connected by love and care for one another whose lives emerge upon this Site, or anyone with threads of shared genetics, anyone with shared interest in the lives of anyone of the family, or anyone associated with the stories of the lives of any family member from the past or present, would be the intended audience likely to take interest in exploring varying components of this Web Site. In addition, and possible, anyone with interest in the value of the Aim of this Site as set-forth for establishing for family the endeavor of pulling all that it represents together, might, as well, be interested in exploring what it is we are doing here.


As our thoughts, and the emotions connected therein, when we have such thoughts about our life-purpose, the meaning to our existence, surface to our awareness, knowing we have a place to put something relating to that which is of meaning to us, what we find meaning in now, and placing this in a form transmittable unto others, and knowing the intended and possible audience for this Site, hopefully this is an inspiration for adding something of oneself to the mix of all that is to be connected herein.


The forms in which such can be “pictured and “related” and “conveyed” are as many as the ways and means in which we communicate and learn. So a Web Page linked to another Web Page of a different form of conveyance connected by link to other such Web Pages, each may have varying components relating something of meaning of our lives and the lives of those dear to us that we want conveyed to our intended audience. In other words, we might have a page conveying a certain kind or level of communication linked to a separate page with another kind or level of communication.


And so having that which might be conveyed through time, and lives beyond us, helps us to connect the idea of the meaning to our lives beyond the limits of our lifespan, reaching-out from ourselves to an audience well into the future.